What are Adventure Roads?

Adventure Roads are not roads at all, but rather beach or desert where drivers create their own route. Only select drivers who are experienced with these routes and specifically offer the Adventure Road on their profiles.

Are Adventure Roads Safe?

These routes are dangerous during any time of year and usually impossible to travel during rainy season (November-April). Some routes present security concerns as local bandits prey on broken down vehicles particularly in the south of Madagascar between Toliara and Fort Dauphin. Snorkels are required for some routes as there are many river crossings. Drive Mada recommends avoiding these routes and encourages you to seek alternative transportation. If you must take one of these routes, go by convoy so there is a second vehicle if one breaks down. Research these routes significantly before attempting to travel them.

Additional Cost of Adventure Roads

Travelling on Adventure Roads incurs a higher daily rate due to the excessive wear and tear on the vehicle – it is a real ADVENTURE.

Map of Roads in Madagascar